Attendance Rules

Students are expected to maintain their attendance throughout the duration of their course. Absence due to health issues and/or family emergencies are permitted as long as the student can retain his/her attendance at 85%. In such a case, proof of absence need not be submitted. If the attendance bar falls between 75%-85%, any leaves taken need to be informed and permission must be obtained in advance. The Dean of the school will forward these cases to the office of the Proctor before taking a final decision. In case of medical emergencies, the student needs to inform the Proctor, submit medical proof and obtain the Proctor consent within a week, starting from the day of absence.

Leaves taken without the permission of the Dean will be considered an unauthorised leave. No concession of any sort will be considered to reach the 85% attendance mark. Students availing of leave with the Dean consent of upto 25% (having at least 75% attendance) will be permitted to attempt the examination. Standard leave forms must be filled and should contain written consent of the Proctor. Students who are nominated/ sponsored by the Board will be awarded with an OD (On-Duty) credit if they are representing the Board in forums like seminars/ conferences/ workshops/ competitions or taking part in co-curricular/ extra-curricular / placement related activities, provided that the student has applied for leave much in prior and has the permission of the Dean. Students failing to meet the admission criteria (85%) will be notified by the school and disciplinary action may be taken. Attendance claims taken without the consent of the Dean for the absence of classes between 75%-85% of attendance will not be entertained at a later date.