Any student with a certification of passing their 10+2 examination with subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics is eligible to gain admission into DTETI's full- time engineering programme. For 1,2,3-year Diploma holders, the option of lateral entry is open up to the extent of 10 percent of available seats. Please be aware of the lower and upper age limit for admission to these engineering programmes. A 4-year part-time programme is also available in Universities for Diploma holders. This programme does not have any age limit.

Our present education system is flawed because of the lack of opportunities that degree holders (B.Sc, B.Tech, BCA) and other certification holders have to advance their careers. The avenues for higher technical education for Diploma holders are also quite limited. Also, many intelligent minds are not able to enter an Engineering college after their +2 completes owing to various factors like weak financial conditions, not much clarity in thoughts as to what to go for in the future in terms of higher education. This is a very common scenario in the rural areas and the small towns of our country.

It is in this context that the Stepped Technical Knowledge and Skill Development Program brings a fresh approach towards learning and development. It brings to the table a better outlook towards sharpening the skillset and attitude of the youth towards their career and improving their employability as citizens of the country. The programme establishes a vertical and a strong connect between technical programmes taken after 10th standard and the kind of technical education offered.


Evaluation and Assessment help teachers and students learn better and create a learning ecosystem to facilitate progress. The DTETI (Directorate of Technical and Training Education in India (DTETI) was vested with the autonomy to evaluate performance and certify students upto Diploma ,PG Diploma, by the Government of India in 1990. This makes the Directorate of Technical and Training Education in India, a certified Board of Examination in India. The DTETI conducts examinations every year in two sessions - April/ May and Oct/Nov. It has been conducting public examinations since 1991.

Exclusive Features of the Directorate of Technical and Training Education in India Examination System

  • The Directorate of Technical and Training Education in India Examination system borrows infrastructure and human resources from the public and private sector. It believes in improving the exposure of students in this way, and helps retain the academic schedule in this manner.

  • Directorate of Technical and Training Education in India , believes in offering flexibility to students when it comes to appearing for an examination. Some of the means by this is done is-
    1) it is not mandatory to appear for all subjects in the same examination,
    2) you can choose the subjects you wish to appear for in the examination,
    3) credit retention of successfully completed subjects, about nine attempts at public examinations over a span of five years and credit transfer option of two subjects from specified boards and of four subjects for ex-Directorate of Technical and Training Education in India students.

  • Students are permitted to attempt the examination in any of the scheduled languages of India (except that of language papers) even if the student has not opted for that medium of learning.

  • Diploma and PG level Diploma students can appear for examinations as many number of times as per their convenience. The Directorate of Technical Education and Training incorporates innovations in its evaluation system by allowing students to answer examinations in the language of their choice.

  • Public examinations can be given in any of the scheduled regional languages, although the question paper would be in either English or Hindi. Intimation letter and certificates now hold the photographs of students and all information regarding the examination centres and result can be accessed online. The Directorate of Technical and Training Education in Indiahas focused a major aspect of their efforts into maintaining the credibility and standards of their examination. The On-Demand examination system for Diploma and PG Diploma holders is a system unique to Directorate of Technical and Training Education in India (DTETI).